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What Cheer? Brigade at Million Fishes
Mission Creek Music Festival: What Cheer?Brigade

What Cheer? Brigade, Tiger Honey Pot, MGM Grand

Sunday July 20, 2008 at 3:00pm, Million Fishes Art Gallery

On July 20th, Million Fishes will play host to a daytime set from Providence’s WhatCheer?Brigade.┬áThis 18-piece brass act is sometimes referred to as one of the few worthy counterparts to local staple Extra Action Marching Band, and July will be the time to find out for yourself.
The band will begin their set at Access Cafe: a pay-what-you-can pop-up restaurant located at the Box Factory on 865 Florida St @20th. Catch them there after filling your belly; then have them march you over to Million Fishes for a final blast.

Opening act at Million Fishes will be local rockers Tiger Honey Pot, and Biba Bell’s dance project MGM Grand. This concert is part of the Mission Creek Music Festival.

WhatCheer?Brigade are slated to play a longer set at Amnesia the same evening, joined by a *very special super secret band*.

Above: short Access Cafe Documentary by Manu Francsico. The What Cheer? Brigade performance startas about half way through: at 4.03.

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